YouTubeがContent IDシステムを改良

この記事は、2016年5月2日にCD Baby DIY Musician Blogに掲載された記事、”YouTube improves Content ID system”の翻訳です。

By Chris Robley



We understand just how important revenue is to our creator community, and we’ve been listening closely to concerns about the loss of monetization during the Content ID dispute process. Currently videos that are claimed and disputed don’t earn revenue for anyone, which is an especially frustrating experience for creators if that claim ends up being incorrect while a video racks up views in its first few days.

Today, we’re announcing a major step to help fix that frustrating experience. We’re developing a new solution that will allow videos to earn revenue while a Content ID claim is being disputed. Here’s how it will work: when both a creator and someone making a claim choose to monetize a video, we will continue to run ads on that video and hold the resulting revenue separately. Once the Content ID claim or dispute is resolved, we’ll pay out that revenue to the appropriate party.

(訳注: つまり、現在は、自分の曲を使ったビデオなのに第三者の曲が使われているとContent IDが間違って判断すると自動的にビデオに広告が表示されなくなりますが、今後数カ月の間に、こうした紛争中のビデオにも広告を表示し続け、上がった売上は保管しておいて解決したら権利者に対して支払うようになります。)

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